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knew that font suitcases (what we used to call imported font types on the mac in OS7) were starting to be web-friendly, but hadn’t known where to find any info on them at all – like how to get hold of any, how to use, what was avaliable and so on.

thanks to a recent re-indulgence in twitter and following some links there, found what looks like a good site (‘typekit’) for providing a service to those who want to use different or new font typefaces on their web-pages. they have a free trial it seems, and then a reasonably-priced yearly subscription. hmm, if you like the fonts i spose you won’t want to unsubscribe and will need to keep up the payments annually or lose your neato typefaces… seeing as a year goes by fairly quickly these days it seems to me. the site itself has a number of internal links to various informative blurbs of their own, assuring us potential consumers that the upload will be robust, and offering other incentives to try. you can browse the collections or search via different foundries or developers or styles.
i mean, even if i never sign up for a free trial, i do not mind checking out what is available.

they make it sound very easy to incorporate these typefaces into your web-pages, and so of course, this draws the likes of me in.. but as usual, i wonder whether i’ll find the time to experiment enough to find it useful. what i need is a big stick and a juicy carrot to get anything done i’m afraid.

…one juicy carrot i got recently was an educational adobe package (has to be some compensation for being in the education game), ‘adobe creative suite 5 design premium; student and teacher edition’, and so i will have to start playing with that soon enough, since it is there. on my desk.
but what i need is a purpose.
someone will have to depend on me to come up with some goods. a website, a something… for me to grasp the designing and climbing the hill of ignorance nettle. i mean, it’s years since i wrangled dreamweaver, so i’m expecting some sort of spaceship to navigate with the current version.

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  • Apurr Sonar says:

    so here’s a related website by someone who’s designed some typography for lawyers. the site features a basic introduction to the _matter_ of typography, and offers some downloads and examples… but it also is there to offer those interested an way to obtain “the book”.

    anyway, nice site — reflecting too my present interest in page design, layout and so on,
    as well as my recent attention to the explosion of information provided by checking my twitter stream every day…

  • hoon says:

    But there’s a problem. While it’s technically quite easy to link to fonts, it’s legally more nuanced. Almost all fonts are protected by copyright — even those available for free — and very few of them allow for linking via CSS or redistribution on the web. This is understandable; font files represent countless hours of finely detailed labor. Appropriately, type designers are concerned that they’ll lose control of all that hard work.

    Here we go again.

    The standard approach is to expand the font options to the stock fonts available in Windows, and, maybe Mac. This provides a big baseline set of fonts, even where the two systems overlap. One could roll in Linux too. From a design perspective there’s also a lot of basic mastery inherent in smartly using the standard baseline set(s) too.

    It seems daring to plug in fonts on web pages to a subscription and server-side delivery, but then I see the page view pricing and the major hitters using it, and I’m impressed.

    The pirate option would be to rename the proprietary fonts and serve them up on your own.


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