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Generated via Flame, a nifty time-waster and iamge generator driven by Flash. Found at Smashing Magazine, Bizarre Websites On Which You Can Kill Time With Style.

There’s no DESIGN link category here until now, so Smashing Magazine inaugurates it. Smashing Magazine is a terrific, really second-to-none web design resource. Among numerous strengths, there are three I find especially useful. First is its collection of external resources; second is its concentration on CSS and HTML5 and WordPress; third is the wealth of design tips and tutorials available in Smashing Magazine’s very deep archive.

Speaking of wasting time, sometimes it is useful to waste time contemplating potential time-wasters. I know of no better web site for this than The Museum of Modern Betas.

The MoMB is a site dedicated to collecting webbased applications on a beta trip. The MoMB recently turned five, currently about 9000 sites are listed.

…major, major sink. MomB tagcloud.

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  • Apurr Sonar says:

    i can see the holidays are upon you.
    most enjoyable sites – will have to go back again when my fingertips are feeling better – i have been using the holiday time to play in the dirt, aka do gardening. my creative urges are happily taken up with cutting and piling and arranging… and eventually planting some more new things…. and hence my fingers are sore. ahem.

    i was not able to understand the means by which websites were selected for the beta thngs, like the MoMb… looks like a good archive of websites, but on cursory glance could not understand the motivation or filing system basis…

    tagcloud fun though. i note ‘shopping’ is prominent… amongst the googles and videos and photos…


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