starting “new thread”: lulz

OK, two things:

i’ve decided to start thread, by using the medium of blog in a somewhat analogous way to email list posting – we’ve discussed the differences, now i’m somewhat ignoring them.

2nd, one hears of “lulzsec” in passing, but only via twitter mentions do i manage to learn anything about it, and then only when a story gets written. usually in the guardian.

anyone know any more?
i will need to investigate in my spare time (of which i have some, but should be using for touring or reading or preparing – hell researching the various eddies of the internet seems appropriate use of time to me, and after all, if it’s a tale of RL hacking, i am always interested)

here’s a link to the latest article via one of the comments i particularly ‘resonated’ with

more later – this train is moving and shaking…

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  • Apurr Sonar says:

    well, here’s the thing.

    one goes to conferences in order to advance one’s standing, get the work heard i spose, and advertise one’s institution. that is why people get paid to attend, or at least have their travel and registration fees paid.

    if one is employed by the institution on a full-time basis that is.
    but i need to fund my own travel – generously supported of course by the person who does have a full-time job and thus attends conferences more easily than i do.
    but would i say i’m doing it for the ‘lulz’?
    that might be a little too much – but when asked, my immediate response usually includes, ‘for fun’, ‘to learn new stuff’, to get me out of the house, and to meet new people…


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