without proper administrative rights, then it really isn’t *our* blog anymore.
but since i’m here, i will try to add one or two items to take the ole jalopy for a burl.

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  • mike says:

    I notice you did log into your administrative account, so I’ll bite…

    what boundaries?

    cheers. nice to see you again.

    • Apurr Sonar says:

      the administrative account you say?
      i logged in in the usual way, but i am not wise in the ways of a separate admin account…
      perhaps if i knew that there was one, i might log in to that.
      – one of my first attempts to administer, was to try to install a tweet button, but the ‘boundary’ for me was the need to access the ftp account, and perhaps this is what you refer to?
      and the post i did not think needed approval, as i had written it from the admin panel – so i am seeing that as a type of boundary as well. let me know what i’m missing here.

      and yes, it is nice to be here again, but it feels deserted, and indeed i would not have come back except that stephen told me via twitter that the site was functional – when i last looked in, maybe a year ago – it was not.
      i shall try to come by more often now.

      • mike says:

        eldon is a full admin. apurr is a user.

        The site was in sad shape when I was able to return to attending to it. It had been spammed and hacked on viciously while I was unable to attend to it, and it required moving the site to a new more secure server, updating the software and tightening up the security settings.

        I didn’t see the need to change anything, because there were no squeaky wheels! Some settings may still be a little restrictive, but we can sort them out, I’m sure.

        I’m just getting back into gear.

        • Apurr Sonar says:

          thanks mike for the update.
          actually, i logged in as eldon,
          apurr is only a screen name for that account.
          and indeed, i then went and diddled under the hood with no further issues, and without logging in any differently.
          now i will go an inspect again, just to make sure…

          • admin says:

            silly me…. I was logged in as Mike (which is a user account) and couldn’t actually see that the two names were the same account!

            I hope the inspection went well.

  • Frank Rapport says:

    Heh, I’m just wandering about and also taking a little spam straining pass.
    Thanks Mike, hi El.
    Do we need some monies for this? I can paypal reasonable.


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