Anyone is welcome to apply to become a regular or irregular contributor to the netdynam 2.0 blog.

The netdynam blog constitutes an experiment promoted by self-selecting members of the netdynamics email list. The list has existed since 1995. It is at the present moment moribund.

Main Entry: mor·i·bund
Pronunciation: \ˈmȯr-ə-(ˌ)bənd, ˈmär-\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin moribundus, from mori to die — more at murder
Date: circa 1721
1 : being in the state of dying : approaching death
2 : being in a state of inactivity or obsolescence

However, like Frankenstein’s monster and vampires and superpersons, and others of the same mythic ilk, the list is hard to finish off, kill, murder, vanquish.

In early 2009, a member of the list floated the idea: ‘why not configure and execute a blog to facilitate. The steps to get to this suggestion are–here–extracted from the original threads of the list in January.


But the bottom line 2.0 has less to do with the values and value of production than in acceptance in the public eye – prominence as measured by hit count, friends, followers, subscribers… attention.
as simple as that.

My point was that the medium matured (2.0) and the list was submerged in the blogosphere, vlogosphere, and social network phenomena without really coming to terms with them. Which, of course, means that the
answer is not found in the archives.

And why not a ‘proper’ blog? With pictures etc?

I’d read it!

OK, so there’s why no blog in one sense. today, i might get an expensive device i can use at home, so i’ll need ot invent a new excuse.

but the other reason is that i have had no time so far. using this thing has taken twice as long to do most things anyway… but … it blog is in my list of things to do…

hmm. I have been enjoying e’s posts, too, and I thought, well “why not?”

The good news is that both “netdynam.com” and “netdynam.org” were available. I went ahead, just because I thought it was such a good idea, and registered NETDYNAM.ORG, but recommend that we also obtain the “.COM” address just to prevent confusion arising from having someone else take it. So, folks, (putting my money where my mouth is) I just finished setting up a blog for our edification, entertainment, and future development. It is hosted at:


and is built on the popular WordPress platform. Currently, I have added an introductory post to the front page, and an origins page which includes the venerable Monthly Masthead.

So there it is. NetDynam officially enters the 2.0 era. Nominations for favorite posts? Favorite NetDynam memes? The Big Six will have to take its rightful place, of course, along with many other imports from the archives. In no time at all, we will have a full fledged site.

I, for one, would like to document the effort to apply the code_swarm within the context of membership and participation in the mailing list, and then the web site.

As far as the look and feel of the site, well, it currently has the default WordPress theme, and it’s pretty plain. Give me a few days and we’ll have some other options. enough for one day.


There’s a pile of context missing from this summary. In fact, the context is crucial to understanding the enthusiasms that evoked a blog out of the email list at death’s door for a decade.

Yet, who gives a flying fahootie about the context for the implementation of a blog? Any blog.

Are we not somewhat in the context-free zone of the territories given by the post-post-modern free play of industrial solipsism and its committed end of histories?

This blog exists to catch the darts contributors toss its way.

Feel free.

SC August 2009

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