The new aesthetic

i was lead eventually to the video art clip embed below, first by checking out the link on a twitter feed from ‘creative review’ proclaiming today’s obsession, “the new aesthetic” –
so then i scanned – rather than read – the piece on the featured blog, imprint magazine which described patric king’s observations re the approach and technical mediation of the new aesthetic as:

Partially-downloaded images, pixellated surfaces, blocks of mosaic color, broken wireframes, pinned maps, censored images, polygon battles, software glitches, imagemaps, depth maps, unfolded 3d texturemaps, and graphs.

this meant i needed to go to the source, so the next step took me to the blog called “The New Aesthetic” which features a number of examples of this fractellated vision. all different, all slightly akimbo.
and yes, hands on hips, it looks between one’s legs at a vision of the world.
jumped then via the link under the still image, to the vimeo site making the queen (her majesty)’s image out of fragments of video, a collage of moving patches, sort of like picasso-braque meets video meets jigsaw technology.
why look at a still photo when you can have movement?

Content is Queen from Sergio Albiac on Vimeo.

RIP! A Re-Mix Manifesto

HQ stream at Hulu

Random musings on the past year in net dynamics on the intertubes will follow before 2012.

Short Memory: midnight oil, bin burnin

here’s peter garrett front man for the oils back in 1983 doing one of my favourite oils songs. his reference to afghanistan and a watchdog in another’s land was obviously pre the present occupational farce. nowadays peter’s more likely to be seen loping about in a suit and doing battle with deadshit lily-livered labour pollies behind closed doors in caucas. minister for the environment – a job made for him – in the last parliament, julia has now put him in her former horrid portfolio: education.
well, indeed, there’s trouble in education. at all levels. but not to go into that. here. now.

meanwhile, over on the SFL-related blog, i’ve posted a draft of a comparative analysis i did last year, using three pieces about australia from three different times and perspectives…in our his-story.. the peter garratt/midnight oil reference is apparent there, since one of the pieces i used is the lyrics of a midnight oil song, The Dead Heart.

last night, after the friday SFL presentation i was down the pub with the usual suspects and i was talking about the poem Australia by A.D. Hope, and how much i like it, then went on to talk about the analysis i had done using that piece and one of midnight oil’s. one of the people i was talking to said that the one i had chosen to use was his favourite midnight oil song, and so i felt bound to put up my draft analysis so he could at least read the AD hope piece that i’d been speaking about….

Web Art Toy: Dreamlines

Dreamlines, a web art generator by Leonardo Solaas.

Leonardo Solaas is a programmer. His focus point is on using Java as a platform, the web browser as an interface, and, data processing routines as, in effect, painter’s brushes. However my weak attempt at description defers to the artist’s own words,

“The thing is, now I spend most of my day in front of my loyal laptop, working as freelance developer & interface designer for the most interesting clients I manage to find, and going about my own experiments and ideas when I can get to that.

This site intends to be a hub for several kinds of traces left behind by my so-called ‘artistic’ practice, plus related pursuits. I’m not sure what all this ‘new media art’ thing is all about, but for me is a convenient playground where I can mash up all sorts of interests with relative freedom.”

This excerpt, from his short first person bio is tagged accordingly:

autnomous agents-blog-castellano-data visualization-design-digital image-drupal-experiment-flash-generative-hand -made-internet-me on myself-multiplicity-particle system-physical-processing-social-teaching-text-theory-workshop>

(Inspires me to think about what tags I’d apply to me.) Anyway…these tags cover a lot of ground.

Being fascinated with how computing power and user interaction can be used to create stuff, I fell right into Leonardo’s Dreamlines.

Like it is with other generators, the role I play is that of an Initiator. And, as it also is with the best of those generators, the Initiator also has to be a ‘chef of time;’ (inasmuch as I’ve learned to be patient and wait for resonant results.) What initiator/time chef waits for are rewarding moments in the stream of serendipitous visual mixing. The process is for me akin to music-making, yet the process isn’t anywhere as demanding.

I’ve noted over at Explorations blog,
Mechanical Kitsch, or New Frontier? further brief reflections about several of the issues raised by the ‘generator medium.’

Here’s several captures from mixes I initiated.

Title: Semiotics

Title: Found It

Then, it occurred to me I could try an experiment. My hypothesis was simple: if I captured the visual mix as it unfolded, how well might it coincide with some of my music? The main thing though was that I wasn’t going do anything but slap the two pieces together, so the experiment was seeking to hit rather than miss. This is different than editing music to expressly fit the visual.

I’ve posted the result over at noguts noglory studios. 21 minutes of abstract flow. (You can always turn down the audio!)


When I transferred the result using iMovie to a DVD and played it on the big HD screen, I was amazed at how good it looked.

There’s a sort of “future creativity” lurking in the seams of generativity, person-code, shallow manipulation, and, the immensity of the raw data archive.

Web Art Toy – Mutapic

Mutapic. New web art toy/generator. Engrossing.

click for lightbox enlargement

The individual cells interest me the most. Such cells could serve as the base materials for all sorts of deployments I’ve used in the past, such as CD covers, cards for experiential learning, and, to use as filters in audio synthesis.

Music-making Gadget – iNudge

iNudge. Another flash musical toy. It’s neat, yet would be better if it provided a longer matrix.


More via Stephen’s latest show.

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