smart meters and the new panopticon

i knew when i first read about ‘smart meters’ that i did not like the idea.


here’s someone else who explains why…



new apps for the new generation

the full implications of this latest app and its claims re anonymity are somewhat lost on me, but the full horrors of the video sales-pitch are not…

so, you know a linguist?

friend and colleague jodie martin spends some of her time using social media and creating kick-arse presentations for conferences and the wider public on the web.
here she has made a short little explainer for all of us linguists who get asked what is it that we do…


without proper administrative rights, then it really isn’t *our* blog anymore.
but since i’m here, i will try to add one or two items to take the ole jalopy for a burl.

There still exists this place on the net.

And it still needs to be found by the few or many that might learn from its lessons.

starting “new thread”: lulz

OK, two things:

i’ve decided to start thread, by using the medium of blog in a somewhat analogous way to email list posting – we’ve discussed the differences, now i’m somewhat ignoring them.

2nd, one hears of “lulzsec” in passing, but only via twitter mentions do i manage to learn anything about it, and then only when a story gets written. usually in the guardian.

anyone know any more?
i will need to investigate in my spare time (of which i have some, but should be using for touring or reading or preparing – hell researching the various eddies of the internet seems appropriate use of time to me, and after all, if it’s a tale of RL hacking, i am always interested)

here’s a link to the latest article via one of the comments i particularly ‘resonated’ with

more later – this train is moving and shaking…

what i went to look at via twitter today

wordpress and typekit get-together.
for now, it looks as if one has to pay for the plug-in.
but i like the idea, so i am trying here to embed the vid so that anyone passing can check it out

also been reading a newish book, “Just my type” by simon garfield.
very light reading with some history, some mild in-jokes we can all get, and a lot of talk about fonts. i am enjoying it very much and can recommend to anyone interested in typography, especially neophytes like myself – i mean, typography afficionados would probably already know all this stuff, like who is garamond, and how did those typeface new york, chicago and monaco get their names. what about baskerville? i think i could recognise it now. and helvetica takes over the world, ms calvert designs world airport… etc

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