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Several members of the list  have already adopted 2.0 tools on both a personal and professional level and are capable bloggers.  In launching this site,  WordPress was provisioned as the platform with the idea of  leveraging the strength of their experience. As a “mini” content management system (CMS), it seems adequate to the task.

However, WordPress has it’s origins as a blogging platform, and blogs, as we are most familiar with them, are known primarily as the province of the individual voice. This brings the first issue of group interest into focus – how does the group present itself to the public? Read the rest of this entry »

tenor variables and dimensions

have been talking about a variety of categories or dimensions onlist, dimensions i use when talking about the way that writers/speakers co-position themselves and interlocutors in interaction.

here is the form it is in now, but expect to make some changes when the present project is completed — i hope to start work soon on the construal of status and solidarity in language with 2 other colleagues who are interested in other types of interaction.

set of descriptive categories for discussing tenor relationships

set of descriptive categories for discussing tenor relationships

blog for ND3

As I travel about in the shopping centres, board busses and trams and walk the streets, I note that I blend in very well. I cannot quite describe what it is, but everyone appears dressed very smartly to my way of thinking.

Oh, indeed, I too, must dress ‘smartly’—an expression I used to hate when my mother used it. It is a type of arrangement of clothing, the textures, fabrics, lines, and colours which I find acceptable and well-balanced all round. I see clothing I wish to wear myself, and I admire the styles on the street. I do not feel out of place here—a reaction I regularly experience in Australia. I find this somewhat comforting, but somewhat off-putting at the same time. I appear to myself completely ‘normal’ here, whereas in the UK, Australia, and of course, Japan, my self-image is one of slight dissonance. The problem is, that because I am a foreigner and indeed divine that I am in the throes of culture shock (as evidenced by alternate mood swings comprising on the one hand not wanting to go out, and on the other, singing and talking to myself in public), I think I should also be obviously ‘different’, to the naked eye. Because this is not the case, I feel somewhat at a loss.

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ND as blog2

And then there is the lack of internet connectivity…

At home we are wirelessly connected to the ADSL modem at seamless high speed. We also have a USB broadband mobile internet device for being away from home. Here, E uses only a USB mobile broadband device which works with E’s laptop, but not with my Mac.  Some research reveals that hers is an old connector, and the newer version comes with its own software. I could buy a newer version and simply remove her sim card and insert it into the new modem—after learning that, as a non-resident, I am unable to set up an internet account of my own. I call in the helpers at the university and they take me hither and yon on a search for the means for setting up an internet connection at home.

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ND as blog

We took off from Frankfurt on the last leg of my airline transportation at about 11 am. The weather was ‘clear’. I mean it wasn’t cloudy, in fact it was sunny, but I kept saying ‘filthy, filthy’ under my breath since up to cloud altitude everything was muzzy and brown – the air was filthy, and the sun coming up behind the planes on the runway was a fuzzy pale orange ball and not like that blazing thing with no colour you couldn’t look at back home.

There weren’t many people on the plane, so I slid over from my ‘would kill for if necessary’ ( a direct quote) aisle seat and stared out the window. The edge of Frankfurt was busy with cars and trucks, and then fields opened up between clusters of houses, vague between me and the ground due to the dirty air. We headed north-east and gradually the fields got larger and some began to be white instead of green. About that time, the cloud cover became thicker and I couldn’t determine whether higher altitudes meant the snow was staying on the ground there.

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First steps for NetDynam 2.0

NetDynam has it’s origins in a mailing list dedicated to the study of online group dynamics. This site represents first steps in leveraging the tools and technology available in a 2.0 world, not as a replacement for the mailing list itself – rather as an organic outgrowth of the ongoing work of it’s members.

The mailing list is public, however, you must be subscribed in order to review the archives. You are invited to join at LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG. You might find the information on our Origins page helpful in understanding what NetDynam is all about.

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