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David Butt: abstract for presentation for Meaning in Context Symposium

(a brief statement about some views of a F-linguist interested in mind-language relationships)

Interview with David Butt (SFL eminent)

(a long interview – skip the first few answers with all the history – the rest outlines a view of language from an SFL perspective incl some ideas about psychological processes)

“Brain, mind and the signifying body” : excerpt from book by eminences in my field

(from google books: i don’t know whether this will still work: copies of the first pages of a book on ecosocial dynamics, by Paul Thibault)

Jay Lemke: “Material sign porcesses and emergent ecosocial organization”

(a very dense argument for downward causation. cited previously, it argues for meanings emerging through complex dynamic open systems)

Djonov, E. (2005). Analysing the Organisation of Information in Websites: From Hypermedia Design to Systemic Functional Hypermedia Discourse Analysis. Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

( a phd thesis: sets out a framework for analysing the design of websites and the user affordances which web design engenders. there are three files – the frontpages, the body of the thesis, and the appendices. emilia warns not to try to download the appendices as they are so long and include not only static graphics but video as well)

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