mr percival dies

an iconic australian star passes away, and with him it seems, the country about which colin thiele’s book was written is also dying….

the book, storm boy, was made into a movie in the mid 1970’s. although the story featured a young boy, the main character of the book was the country. in most of the movies and books that i remember from that era,¬† the notion of ‘trespass’ was an underlying theme. [tom keneally’s books are also in that camp – thinking of ‘a dutiful daughter’ and ‘the chant of jimmy blacksmith’ for example – and randolph stow’s ‘merry-go-round in the sea’ in particular]. in the movie ‘storm boy’, it is the land, the coorong, which was the constant presence, the actual star.

here’s a short trailer –

the coorong, a large area of land at the end of the great murray-darling river system, a series of lakes and wetlands, deprived of water by european intervention, is dying. what was once a beautiful dry sparkling strange place filled with birdlife, turns into a sad shadow of itself.

the local indignenous people stand by helpless as their ancestral country is ruined by pastoral greed and plain ignorance.

how can we sleep while our beds are burning?

it belongs to them – let’s give it back.

the local xtian lads wrote this back in the 80’s… peter garrett front man for the oils is now being regaled by his own words, hung by his own petard…. meantime, their lyrics still resonate for us [shortly, a treatise on midnight oil and the now member for kingsford, linked to some other traditional views on oz]…

beds are burning…

eldon’s intertextual reference mine #1

here is the first of a proposed series of TV clips which have somehow figured in my past – and worked in some way to configure my present, so to speak: in this sense, they are “intertextually relevant” for me.

youtube now allows users to rediscover and share clips from the past, and in a way, posting clips on a blog, adding a link to them on your site, sending them on in an email, indicates some affiliation found, and perhaps affiliation sought..

this is the the first segement of the first episode of ‘monkey’ – the english dubbed version released in the late 70s.

the series is based on an old chinese story about the young monk (tripitaka) on his quest for the holy scriptures in gandhara. on the way, he meets many challenges and obstacles¬† – the biggest challenges are provided by his three helpmates:¬† representative of the three aspects of himself he needs to both control and incorporate…monkey, sandy (the water demon), and pigsy (the Epicurean)…

in memorium

A large chunk of my life is gone with the passing of my Precious boy-cat.

Precious: born c. 1994 Hakata, Japan - died March 19, Adelaide, Australia

Precious: born c. 1994 Hakata, Japan - died March 19, Adelaide, Australia

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blog 4 ND#: a thing about dogs

Speaking of creatures, from the very beginning of my stay here, my brain must have been processing some subliminal messages regarding the Finns and their relationship with dogs. Of course, I noticed nothing unusual, really, but something, something, was different.

one of many signs of the no dog kind

one of many signs of the no dog kind

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