blog 4 ND#: a thing about dogs

Speaking of creatures, from the very beginning of my stay here, my brain must have been processing some subliminal messages regarding the Finns and their relationship with dogs. Of course, I noticed nothing unusual, really, but something, something, was different.

one of many signs of the no dog kind

one of many signs of the no dog kind

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elements of a post: dtd

this post reproduces the DTD i used (developed as i went) to segment approx 400 posts to the list – what i deemed a representative sample (see my thesis for reasoning) – in order to get an idea of the recurrent stages or moves typcially appearing in them.

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outlining posting norms

first an outline of the ‘typical’ or norm-al moves or stages in a post to the list. as generalisation, it pretty well covers all bases. as abstraction, however, there will be exceptions of course.

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Do you know the dance?

Frank offers a legend to our map-making.

Michael Wesch is Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University and leads the Digital Ethnography Working Group. It was he who produced the series of videos in the earlier post.   In June of 2008, he presented at the Library of Congress:

Broaching such subjects as identity, authenticity, isolation and exposure, this presentation offers rare perspective and insight. In November, he was presented the award for U.S. Professor of the Year.

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