The new aesthetic

i was lead eventually to the video art clip embed below, first by checking out the link on a twitter feed from ‘creative review’ proclaiming today’s obsession, “the new aesthetic” –
so then i scanned – rather than read – the piece on the featured blog, imprint magazine which described patric king’s observations re the approach and technical mediation of the new aesthetic as:

Partially-downloaded images, pixellated surfaces, blocks of mosaic color, broken wireframes, pinned maps, censored images, polygon battles, software glitches, imagemaps, depth maps, unfolded 3d texturemaps, and graphs.

this meant i needed to go to the source, so the next step took me to the blog called “The New Aesthetic” which features a number of examples of this fractellated vision. all different, all slightly akimbo.
and yes, hands on hips, it looks between one’s legs at a vision of the world.
jumped then via the link under the still image, to the vimeo site making the queen (her majesty)’s image out of fragments of video, a collage of moving patches, sort of like picasso-braque meets video meets jigsaw technology.
why look at a still photo when you can have movement?

Content is Queen from Sergio Albiac on Vimeo.

how we learn science

from a science text book on science textbooks…

the cycle of knowledge in web2.0 world

the cycle of knowledge in web2.0 world

graphing word flows

anyone come by this guy’s site yet? some good links along the side, and some nice graphic representations of speeches and twitter #words. also can insert text of one’s own and see the results – dont see any way of taking them away with us yet… but i have asked. (thanks to michele zappagvigna for the pointer)

data modeling from 2003

hugh’s earlier post of this ‘ted talk’ to the list now bears a new watching i think – not only for the content, but for the ideas re modelling data.

tools for visualization

P put me on to this good resource for those of us interested in the visualisation of a variety of interactions… too many categories and kinds to list… and maybe just posting it here will involve some people in hours of fun…

Read Write Web’s “best tools for visualization”

and they have a blog…
using red and white, not blue and white, mmmm…….

theme trials (and errors) begin

i am intending to try changing the theme – like going into a dress shop and trying on some new (or in this case, 2nd hand) clothes, and parading them around in front of a mirror…and some people who may care to comment. i will not stop (trying to) chang(ing) my outfits until i get tired.

in RL i like to wear a different outfit everyday, after all.

i don’t mean to imply i’ll try out a different theme every day though…

Almost Voted with my Feet

Almost Voted with my Feet

Mike, our host, doesn’t know this, but I came within inches of not being here. Read the rest of this entry »

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