do you know the dance (still?)

one of my heroes – or perhaps better, ‘role models’ – showing us how it is to be a domestic goddess…

i dont suppose there is any resemblance – in the 4 characters on stage in this clip – to any persons either living or dead? [i’ve always coyly hoped to emulate morticia, i admit….]

the dance continues in another of the clips arrayed accross the bottom (thanks to youtube functionality), and of course, afficionados will enjoy the opening theme song there too…which we all could sing, and with which we all learned to snap our fingers…

intertextual mine #3

Robion Hood: here is a clip from the original tv series – at least, the first part of an episode from the 3rd series i think.

apparently made in the 50s, i used to watch this in the afternoon after school, almost every day. we all knew the theme song, at least the refrain, and bows and arrows were in fashion with my friends, as well as staffs and swords – when we weren’t chucking star knives inspired by ‘the samurai’ ninjas.

there is no clip i could find with the themse song, unfortunately, but there was a youtube recording with a blank screen which i’ve also embedded should anyone need to listen (as well as one clip recorded over some excerpts from the latest bbc tv series (which i cannot watch btw – too clean and self-conscious – but i guess young people might like it these days as it is similar in flavour to the 50s version merely updated…).)

theme song —

eldon’s intertextual reference mine #1

here is the first of a proposed series of TV clips which have somehow figured in my past – and worked in some way to configure my present, so to speak: in this sense, they are “intertextually relevant” for me.

youtube now allows users to rediscover and share clips from the past, and in a way, posting clips on a blog, adding a link to them on your site, sending them on in an email, indicates some affiliation found, and perhaps affiliation sought..

this is the the first segement of the first episode of ‘monkey’ – the english dubbed version released in the late 70s.

the series is based on an old chinese story about the young monk (tripitaka) on his quest for the holy scriptures in gandhara. on the way, he meets many challenges and obstacles  – the biggest challenges are provided by his three helpmates:  representative of the three aspects of himself he needs to both control and incorporate…monkey, sandy (the water demon), and pigsy (the Epicurean)…

movie review

In London at the moment staying with the rellos, and we went to the movies last night with two youngest nieces M and S.

We went to see Star Trek, a movie of that name, set in the early days of the lives of the original Enterprise. It sets up a history of the lives of Kirk and Spock, but a history in a different time-line due to Spock’s inability—after his time on the Enterprise, the time we have been used to seeing them all—to ward off the destruction of the Romulan homeland. At this time, a Romulan ship, then Spock’s ship, are both sucked in through a singularity, a type of wormhole made when a nearby star imploded causing the same destruction of Romulus. Kirk’s father sacrifices himself to save the crew of the ship sent to investigate, including his wife and son…James. But then of course, Eric Bana, unrecognisable as the revenge-seeking Nero, is out to destroy a couple of other planets, starting with Vulcan.

We get to see Kirk’s and Spock’s early lives, and their first meetings—and the hearts of us Star Trek fans are rewarded when we note that the set has maintained the look of the original era, the authenticity of the design of the bridge, the uniforms, the décor of the lifts, the noises and the way in which they are transported. It is this authenticity and the respect of the original that gladdens us old fans, together with the very happy choices of actors to play the various parts. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) does well as Spock, and Kirk’s younger model (Chris Pine) manages to pick up some of Shatner’s mannerisms.

There are also the obligatory tear-jerking and sudden fright moments, as well as the in-jokes one expects to be offered. I also admit to experiencing a bit of vertigo in one of the scenes, kudos to the director. My companions at the cinema also seemed satisfied, and I can safely say that I’ll be pleased to watch it again when it comes on TV. Another very successful addition to the chronicles and not far from the spirit of Gene Roddenbury’s original vision—unlike the execrable TV series “Enterprise”, something that is sure to make him turn in his grave, or the little better than soap-opera-in-space DS9.

I searched for an appropriate vid0clip to embed, but found nothing that was not too ad-like and/or embedding has been disabled. Nonetheless, I may edit this later with an embedded clip – if only for posterity. Suffice to say there are plenty on youtube at present, but they are not so satisfying.

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