intertextual mine #3

Robion Hood: here is a clip from the original tv series – at least, the first part of an episode from the 3rd series i think.

apparently made in the 50s, i used to watch this in the afternoon after school, almost every day. we all knew the theme song, at least the refrain, and bows and arrows were in fashion with my friends, as well as staffs and swords – when we weren’t chucking star knives inspired by ‘the samurai’ ninjas.

there is no clip i could find with the themse song, unfortunately, but there was a youtube recording with a blank screen which i’ve also embedded should anyone need to listen (as well as one clip recorded over some excerpts from the latest bbc tv series (which i cannot watch btw – too clean and self-conscious – but i guess young people might like it these days as it is similar in flavour to the 50s version merely updated…).)

theme song —

blog 4 ND#: a thing about dogs

Speaking of creatures, from the very beginning of my stay here, my brain must have been processing some subliminal messages regarding the Finns and their relationship with dogs. Of course, I noticed nothing unusual, really, but something, something, was different.

one of many signs of the no dog kind

one of many signs of the no dog kind

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I wish I had that hat *and* more meaning in my life…

Sending the geek-meter all the way into the red –

Lexicographer Erin McKean redefines the dictionary, explains the ham butt problem, and reminds us what every child knows.

(This dedicated amateur must now go hug his dictionary.)

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