new apps for the new generation

the full implications of this latest app and its claims re anonymity are somewhat lost on me, but the full horrors of the video sales-pitch are not…

dragons coming home to land

in 1978, i was living in london, in a place where you sometimes caught sight of a dragon coming in to land on the horizon between the buildings. so close it looked as if it were landing just a couple of bus stops down the road.

a video from youtube saying more about me than anything else…

…well, tracing one’s internet/browsing habits might take the path of checking out what folder-names and actual URLs one has bookmarked in the favourite browser. even better would be access to browser history – obviously i do not use youtube to look for videos of trains and planes and aviators every day, but after a while a pattern does develop…

there are many videos of concorde – from inside and out – on youtube, but this is the one that makes me cry. about the time the second concorde comes back from edinburgh, my throat starts to catch, and by the time the next one is landing i’ve got the tissues out.             ..something about the sky, the people, and the commentary witnessing the last home-coming of these unbelievable flying things seems to tickle my weeping bone.

traiectoria ad absurdum

Just because we have friends in Turkey, what could possibly be gained by strangling a manatee? Perhaps an investigation would be in order.

Scandal, intrigue, covert social networks and automated keyphrase analysis all presented by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show with a delicious sense of irony.

Your Government Not at Work – Jane Harman Scandal

This conversation doesn’t exist.

Uncovering remarkable beauty…

the moment of a lifetime…

…right out of dreams.

“youse didn’t expect that, did you? did you? no!”


testing the embed function with one of my all time fave NC video clips.
everything – the lyrics, the intonation, the set, the suits, the plastic waves, the moves, the hair…
never fails to raise a smile


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