what i went to look at via twitter today

wordpress and typekit get-together.
for now, it looks as if one has to pay for the plug-in.
but i like the idea, so i am trying here to embed the vid so that anyone passing can check it out

also been reading a newish book, “Just my type” by simon garfield.
very light reading with some history, some mild in-jokes we can all get, and a lot of talk about fonts. i am enjoying it very much and can recommend to anyone interested in typography, especially neophytes like myself – i mean, typography afficionados would probably already know all this stuff, like who is garamond, and how did those typeface new york, chicago and monaco get their names. what about baskerville? i think i could recognise it now. and helvetica takes over the world, ms calvert designs world airport… etc

my fantasmagorical new toy

i’m distracting myself doing this post.
i need to be composing my small corpus of wordpress themes to make some kind of useful statements about its inherent ‘identity projection’ affordances related to choice of theme… for a conference i’ve elected to present at the week after next. eep.

i could go into detail by taking a very fine-grained analysis based on small units of analysis and building up clusters from there, but right now i do not have time. i can only make some generalisations about how different types of themes, recognised by a broad swatch of features (which i have to identify fairly carefully) can pose associations for readers that blog owners *intend* to set up via the theme choice for their blog.

as for affordances writ large – of course, this also depends on the ability of the blog-owner to wrangle WP’s open source editability – and this needs to be acknowledged, but for this first pass, i need to restrict myself to the first time blogger with a modicum of intelligence, and what the interface provides…

in any case, how do i capture the image of the themes as presented to those searching for the appropriate ‘skin’ to project their content and identity to the world?

i could – and possibly will be able to – use the internet at the conference to demonstrate how it works, but with only 30 mins max to do it – and as well, with a need to keep an actual annotated corpus – i wrinkled the brow over the how.
i discussed these requirements with the big P and he suggested i might find ‘snagit‘ of use to me. so i looked it up and read about the software abilities, then took a short tour via google search of other image capture devices. but it looked like snagit could do what i wanted. and it certainly does.
i have been billing and cooing about the house since i started to use it.
exactly what i was wanting.
what a clever little neat thing. just what was needed – it knew everything i wanted to do, and conveniently so. and no, techsmith are not paying me, nooooo, i mean, NO. you all know me by now, and critical is my middle name. a person that thinks praise is redundant when something is self-evident, when i do say something positive, even though there are few expressions that do not sound trite to me, at least you know i must be motivated to say something…

anyway, more on this little endeavour as the time goes on.
meanwhile, i am testing some of the various themes and how they render the posts i have made, over at the play pen. i will have to test out as many as i can between now and next week, so rush over there every day to see how a new theme in action changes the look of the same posts.
and of course, now i can snag a snapshot of the way the blog looks for every one of these renditions, and keep it in a visual archive.

as for a framework, silly me – i was going to propose my own, but a lot of work has been done by one of “our mob “, john bateman, and his book, multimodality and genre is proving a very good read indeed – but at the same time, giving me to vast feelings of inferiority. sigh.
sorry – it doesn’t seem to be available in google books, otherwise a preview might be instructive as to what i am up to, as they say…

theme trials (and errors) begin

i am intending to try changing the theme – like going into a dress shop and trying on some new (or in this case, 2nd hand) clothes, and parading them around in front of a mirror…and some people who may care to comment. i will not stop (trying to) chang(ing) my outfits until i get tired.

in RL i like to wear a different outfit everyday, after all.

i don’t mean to imply i’ll try out a different theme every day though…

Theming NetDynam

With hoon’s assistance, the testing of open source/free WordPress themes for the site has begun. The first one we have a chance to review is called “Magic Blue”.
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