what i went to look at via twitter today

wordpress and typekit get-together.
for now, it looks as if one has to pay for the plug-in.
but i like the idea, so i am trying here to embed the vid so that anyone passing can check it out

also been reading a newish book, “Just my type” by simon garfield.
very light reading with some history, some mild in-jokes we can all get, and a lot of talk about fonts. i am enjoying it very much and can recommend to anyone interested in typography, especially neophytes like myself – i mean, typography afficionados would probably already know all this stuff, like who is garamond, and how did those typeface new york, chicago and monaco get their names. what about baskerville? i think i could recognise it now. and helvetica takes over the world, ms calvert designs world airport… etc

WordPress 3.0

Resource map by Sallie Goetsch (src), via WordPress Asylum.

Absolutely painless upgrade to WP3 here on ND2.0. The only chip in the pile was learning that our venerable–by our standards–theme is not compliant with some of WP3’s added functionalities. The only ones I’ve identified are the extra widget areas, and, the menu builder.

WP3’s new features bring some power user capabilities to the masses. Although, in noting this greater power, it is only afforded to those who can grok the basics of how WordPress works under the hood. For example, custom post types provides a way of breaking out content from the either/or of Post/Page, but, it’s most beneficial application involves situating those custom “types” within dedicated Divisions within a layout, using their loop.

Closer to our wheelhouse here is the revamped taxonomy function, that could be deployed to classify tagged texts. WP3 also integrates WordPress Multi-User; although ND2, multi-user as it is, is also minimalist in approach.

The WordPress 3.0 feature set was finalized a long time ago. The one addition I would eventually like to see is easy play list podcasting. The kludgy workarounds which use plug-ins are hit-or-miss–mostly miss.

Feature guide via Sixrevisions
Smashing Magazine’s Highlights of WP3
Taxonomies explained at 1stwebdesigner.

Sidebar Flashes

I’m experimenting with a widget that embeds a Diigo rss for bookmarks. In turn, those bookmarks are part of a netdynam account created today. I’ll share the user info. The bookmarks are public.

The capability I am investigating is what is needed to support posting interesting content on the sidebar; content that doesn’t earn a full post in the eyes of the author. There are other alternatives too, because WordPress provides lots of widgetized capabilities via 3rd party widgets.

I chose Diigo for several reasons. I have been using it since before its beta test years ago. More to the point of capability, like most social bookmarking sets, Diigo allows one to annotate and tag links in real time, while one is at the target page of interest, and do this through a nicely implemented browser toolbar java script. Diigo’s implementation has always seemed very solid.

I’ve demoted the toy tag cloud temporarily and elevated the Diigo rss. I’ll probably try some other options.

I’ve been pondering a 3 column theme too. Not any particular one, but, sketching out how the structure of usability might benefit better defined clusters.

(Admins will receive the Diigo user info tomorrow.)


I like this little echo feature in that it gives a very quick impression about what is up and about on ND2.0 with nod to volume as a discriminator.


List Anthropology relocated to Pages by the author.

The List Anthropology page will capture in an ongoing manner, the various tracks Netdynam has left on the searchable web.

Update #1: search terms | “psychology of the internet” | listserv

Proposed Role and Capability Matrix

Proposed modifications to the Role and Capability matrix to align current list and blog subscriber privileges: Read the rest of this entry »

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